Tuesday, June 11, 2013

12th june wed day plan

How the day will turn??
>>>increase it to 7 dailies;this time;may need to cut ads & articles;
when will madhu join?? NRN
that SMS guy attend;
Tiger airways???

***edit broture further; allocate 30 minutes here;
(Kiran;mailer work; endorcement for content  2 girl)
enq abt and know video marriage coverage;at sadgun;
plan to reduce;

(organise ads on hand further;pin them; can gta help here?)

(***sobana;NRNs reference drug comp;
water works 3 pm; nalanda,rishi,cto)

(baig;anamas letter;)

***start email campain Kiran;

pay net and electric biills;(GTa)
ajay?sec bad?

11th june

Due  to tailor  had trouble at overnite and  sleep disturbance had 
yet got up at 5 am; unexpected Mango temptation and also interviewed jehangir vendor;baig dint lift call;

scanned 6 dailies as usual there were Social media coverage this time 

 tigerairways too big ads;

 later edited the content of broture pending ads cutting work did; 
 scanned 10 issues of telugu velugu  known their clientale and listed all ads; Endorsed gta to write emails; did few ph followups later Joined NRN for field work;

ajay said he is on leave this is a surprise 

;Ph followups chermas(surprise here ),sobhanachalam he gave commitment ;rishi dint list phone despite many calls;and sms ;sms  marketing guy called;

 followup of Positive did; lot of news about arjun by nrn during the work; 
mainly they are not lifting cell ph calls; 
gta found lot of mistakes in yesterdays latter;
she read one news article;
gift from nrn had for the day;

felt very sleepy due to poor sleep overnite;

slept after lunch for some time;so body is ready again;

Called kawadiguda CI seen web site read slogan;gave proposal to darpan;article in sakshi and eenadu about social media read;police file mag seen;letter from google recd;marriage CTO said yes after 2 days;

Net was pretty speed at sadgun  so content prints and maps prints work completed very faster.

after coming home ads cutting work continued;why that gas problem?? at sadgun edited broture again;

Evening work took prints of ranigunj area; and prints of content also took;


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