Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday 26th may;

see what happens after drink;

Look at this cats sleep Vinyasam?
Too lazy one sleeping on same plate milk

fashionalble sleep isnt it?
Above picture is my wife GTa; lot of pleasantaries had at home gta said  that write up of Fish curry so theres good involvement; She said blog could be more discriptive with emtion;

This  Small cat after  drinking milk in our house  sleeping on the same plate  such a lazy one;
Morning tiffen was very late so i felt falling in coma so care in having Break fast need to be planned;

Quickly scanned 4 dailies; later t id tubesandvales closed;
tweeted;seen that Sneha my neibourhood family is vacating home in hot summer; That canadian girl dint respond to my proposal; Edited the blog content and title  again; Call received from Syam 11 th day is cerimony ;Nrn also called; In Rx as i thought Ex ching mai won;

Did small shopping surprised to see that Tomotos are priced at Rs 60/- per KG; Purchased Vijaya cottage tomato pickle; 2 pockets of Curd;
Seen trackeagles blog; sound tracking; managed to get Rx record book later attended welfare party meeting;

from sundays dailies listed few important brands; they are:
2.vijay textiles
3.bantia furniture
5.U S polo;

Slept in afternoon for some time;


tommorows plan;

27th may major goals;
planning hour must go for another 10 sittings;

FP;ie future planning;(team making)

***Content preparation; for sovenir;
Top brands selection work ;emails or personal letters must go to them;;Team making plans;
Application form printing;
Tickets reservation work to  kadapa;

Ph calls;

Incoming calls to face;?

followups to do;

1.srigayathri;phone call;
3,town planning (kapra;)
4.marriage (CTO)
5.Nalanada; phone?
6.narayana over phone;

(printing tasks;
color leaflet; memebrship form)

tweets plan???


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