Thursday, May 23, 2013

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In morning there were big shouts in near by home triggered tention;So many things have been exchanged during meetup with Madhu and NRN; Again wonderful day because got up very early and started to activate the days proceedings in a fashonable manner; Called Ajay;Syam;Gandhi;Kishore; again had response from canada girl;Ohh yes i tweeted 2 important tweets for the day;In morning some images have been selected;
important words for the day;madhus 1 crore brand value;Gandhis silent listening;Syams involvement;sweets and my content to team;Old DC got it;Book can on desk; Go to libraries for more content;Called Chinna she called back we had plesant chat nice feed back; bouncer from monish;

Again Syam and discussed about venkatesh death;Morning edited mailer again added some more important content took prints then shown to Team; there were cool water in Drug office premises; again car engaged then this time  after a cracker  new avenue identified;GHMC; Thanks to GTA she gave tiffen of Idlis;
Driver was clumsy this time; back home GTa continued her invilvement sent cheque enquired about assciation; Some irritations of the day are they were seen busy in chating them selves cell phone talk;

During the work failed to give right price list; continued to note some shop listings;

Gtas objections continued but she brought some crispy pappu chekkaluu; gtas request was ver funny; still to improve understandings;

After reaching home suffered with back pain with this effect retired totally;tried for economic times but in vain; Narsing came and gone;

Entrusted the cheque dropping work to GTA;


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