Tuesday, May 21, 2013

pending sros and Dcoument writer ;Balanagar nagar hyderabad

21st may post! tuesday!

Gta gifted one water Bottle recently;

 New Fan at my home;

Sleepless overnight  in my dreams felt that  book is  completed;Aafter getting up started to use over night paduthaa teeyaga technique  of nice voice started with Chenna Reddy ; scanned 4 dailies;2  small cats menace continued after opening door they try to enter despite what ever resistance;
Called NRN,Gandhi he gave some suggestions,Ajay long chat he assured me with promise; Called Satish;

Good number of twi ids can be used for development from now;(this is flash);kukatpally guys commitment got further strengthened;

Tention  continued as stagnation prevailed as things are not moving;Joined work with team; On the way seen one nice ad of jeweller whaich says good words about marriage;no car yatra due to non availability of Cabs; recd penmedia certificate finally so the tention is releived; global commitment got thanks to initiation by team;lot of discussions  made with team under the hot Sun;Drama continued;
During the field work met one guy and there was a meeting hungama at Drug office; I took the initiative of calling one reddy but he said he is in Jharkhand;

Xerox of certificate recd; sour Curd had at lunch;
Lot of halchal of governmnt vehicles on roads at panjagutta;;godaddy.com ads in IPL;
I tried to entertain team with my mimicry skills;
By evening got further more depressed  after checking poor levels of cash at bank;

There were 2 new cats of recent birth powerless to move their muscles but they try to enter my home;
near aria at fortune Khatria noted;old post;yesterdaY seen lot of phone numbers of govt offices in JD;
days flash;where hitech companies are getting listed which stock exchange;
yesterdays abhinayam used it; Durga called from Kadapa;
Night Narsing rao came home and was silent and said 3 people are vacating house;
As tired unable to watch TV retired but CSK were batting well as slept off;
Gta tried to stop me when i tried to go out brought home Tea powder;
Pending PIcs posted;


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