Thursday, December 27, 2012

28th dec rough plan ;friday;

Head bath;again; OK
see more videos of HBZ;OK;lacuna noted;
adv planning;again for future;
***300 vising cards data base work again;Split this work had more than target planned;

Collect some more data of dw counted data and edited further;
(Bharat Pak match again; Evening; Enjoyed and tweeting power noted;
Buy & to prepapre for tom rx;bangalore;)
Ajays data;plus more data;Couldnt be tackled;

gade venkat reddy;?
Mirchi can reduce sugar levels?
shraddhavan labhate gnanam
1.Got up bit early; 2.maid womans shouts;
3. two daily quick scan;4.tweeted;5.checked adsense and 6.stats;
7.Net is terribly slow @ home??
8.those who won as favrites listed and posted for many years;***
9.again cards numbering work on hand made it to 1000; ****
10.met Kab tv guy new knowledge agained;*** their network seen;
11.Called shah SS Associates; success there; some field calld did while coming back;
12.days id keelineindia;
13.New Idea of numbering in blog of collected cards.***
14.Few rejections also had during  cards collection;
15.2 hour net surfing seen many adsense videos;
16 at home news of GTA for salary again;
17.surprised to see poor cash levles on bank;
18.bhimavaram DW data posted;
19.Counted entire DW data to 711 dis satisfied with this;***
20.Camera follow up failed;

27th dec thursday post

***Had  fast hair cut and tipped him fear during cutting  noted; some kind of iching contd?;
***3 new ids blocked; cvrhealth;mhotelsonline;daburgulabari; tweeted;
***1 hour R& D did at sadgun to see hybiz videos;later called them;2k;to 1 lakh;
***Generic tabs purchased from goel shop; lost temper;was it reqd;
Embedding of youtube movies work did today;
Back pain continued throught the day??

***called back chalapathi and gave him 2 tips;One was successful for the day;
followup did with camera ppl;
 ***With the help of GTA managed to complete days task of  300 cards data;
One success story at rx; next one failed of dasrath singh new point is in 3 ols it must become Fav;
Note book and refil purchased with this planned budjet of the completed fully;


26th december post

Morning seen one video on adsence by "more adsense money by lisa irby" to build traffic first; Blog further developed with few more add ons;google plus and search box etc; Adsence income was satisfactory for yesterday;Commisioner Anurag sharmas video by hybiz seen;supportfirst guy called up for the release of id;Managed Narsing Rao till 1st for the first time;emescobook is days new id;

Morning huge video collection of hybiz seen;Work at mozamzahi market area with some hardware shops later Charminar area heavy rush;Lone success came at malakpet; Plus one hopeful for january 1 st week;

Later lost Interest and got enervated so retired after coming home; Chocolate by shreya;Surprise quickr is larger than JD in traffic ranks?Again GTA dint have cash for Gas and water;

By night things got swifter much more organised as sadgun cafe was closed i continued to organise and number visiting cards on hand; Welcome sign Chalapathi sir called and said about henrique and single mount and request for thursday;

Days flash of collecting more camera pics;


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