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Anjaiah nagr Gachibowli

10th december 2012

How the day went ahead;>>>posted sundays blog;2 dailies scan;MIlk and Tiffen to  home;
**Had shave but missed word with Suguna;
Rajesh shouts;GTAS shouts related tention;prawns scan for cats;Recd google check thanks to GTA:

***Cover page 4 Document writers got done anyway Met K.V.R Murthy(cell; 9246375694)  Telugu kavi;Xpress digital  cell 9246375694 writer; wedding card girl etc;shoes;parents;

Camera problem is haunting;
tina moms sambhodam;Neibours for the first time had word with GTA that lady;

Called 1.anthima theerpu
3..Bramha Reddy
4.kiran dint lift call;
5.called Chinna ;Vanitha prabha
Days id;ameztea;
camera not functioning is bit big problem now;

Scotter problem on the way;got it done new repairer exposed;
Days work details; One new entry got from malaket;
One more from Vanasthali puram;
Other exposures for the day are;

In a hurried state purchased business world due to interesting of Diabetis;
Morning dose of Insulin on thigh was bit problamatic;

;Manged tweet for the day;Karivepaku;Rajesh shouts on his MOm and Dad neibour lady Had  have responded;
Prawns head and Cat story evolved at home;

9th sunday december post

new point at RX is who sits is final;Many more profiles loaded to blog;Enjoyed prawns at home;Gta still sick;Electricity bill came;

devaraya movie review

Devaraya - Movie review

Devaraya is an epic fantasy film and Srikanth's energetic performance is the main highlight in the movie. Chakri's music, stunning fights, Nani Krishna's script and dialogues, wonderful cinematography, beautiful costumes and artwork are the other attractions of the movie.

This socio-fantasy movie is based on the life and times of Sri Krishnadevaraya. Srikanth has played dual roles like a village guy Dora Babu and Devaraya. Director Nani Krishna has nicely connected a present day incident to the historical backdrop of Krishnadevaraya. The first half of the film has a little story, but it is rich in mass commercial elements like comedy, action and romantic songs. The movie takes a serious mode in the second half and climax is simply superb.

DK Adikesavulu Naidu

D Krishnaswami Audikesavulu ( Naidu) Shri D. Krishna Swami Mother's Name  Smt. Rukmini Date of Birth  01.07.1941 Place of Birth  Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh) Spouse's Name  Smt. D.A. Sathyaprabha 
No. of Sons  1 
No.of Daughters  2 
Educational Qualifications  Mechanical Engineering 
profession  Industrialist

Gollapudi Maruthi Rao

Gollapudi Maruti Rao is a mathematical physicist turned editor, writer, dramatist, cine actor, TV anchor, and journalist who is well known for his many contributions to Telugu literature and culture. Wikipedia
BornApril 14, 1939 
(age 73),Vizianagaram


Śrī Ramanuja was a theologian, philosopher, and scriptural exegete. He is seen by Śrīvaiṣṇavas as the most important teacher of their tradition who followed Nathamuni and Yamunacharya, and by Hindus in ... Wikipedia
Born1017, Sriperumbudur
Died1137, Srirangam

Chinna Jeeyar Swamy

Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is a Vedic pontiff. He is considered one of the foremost preachers and popularizers of Sri Vaishnavism. 
BornNovember 3, 1956 
(age 56),Rajahmundry


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