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Bhookailas 1958 film

Bhookailas is a mythological Telugu film directed by K. Shankar and written by Samudrala Raghavacharya. It is an AVM Productions. The story is based on the Sthala Purana of Gokarna Kshetram in Karnataka.


Missamma is a Telugu movie, released in the year 1955 featuring Nandamuri Taraka Rama rao and Akkineni Nageswara Rao. It was produced under Vijaya banner and was directed by L. V. Prasad

Daana Veera Soora Karna

Daana Veera Soora Karna
Daana Veera Soora Karna is a 1977 Telugu Hindu movie produced and directed by N. T. Rama Rao. He played three pivotal roles: Karna, Duryodhana, and Krishna.



Narthanasala was a 1963, Indian mythological, Telugu film written by Samudrala Raghavacharya and directed by Kamalakara Kameshwara Rao. It was produced by Rajyam Pictures in Black and White.

24th october Dasra day;

నవరాతరీ wishes to all my blog readers pls do comment on my blog and encourage me;
To organise my life in a better way  i  wriite this blog to some extent  its helping me;
Let me once again wish Happy Dasara   to all of u and start my dasara day;

So over all developments for the day are;
MY days moves;taken full advantage of power  supply;

Family and friends  activations ;temple visits;with new dress;someework 4 future;

;posted days collected ads;
24;Tv ads added to existing  list of daily ads;
loaded some pics again to hindocha file
continued stats work;
added swatstika;om;mysore;;added bhhokailasnartana salamissmma dvs karna ;to blog;
8,Tweeted for navratri;

My Darsara Dress;

GTA on dasara dress;

GTa; helped for decoration had Darshan of Temples hurdle crossed; known her objections;
Family Interactions;
(Called Bujji;daughter sai ;hello;bawa his feelings; talk must have been bit more planned anyway had feedback; asked to convey wishes too;
12;chinna  called back ; later long phone chat;totally un planned one here;
13;long chat with Suneetha;
21,mama surprise different wish from him;
18;Gopal not much of response;but initiation began after long time;
19;Mom laugh her problems;
17;called Durga good responce objection for not calling them;20;akka, Prahladas;papulamma,27;durga daughters gift;kistaiah)

Other   interactions for the day are;
Call to Satya proved  negative;
syams responce, he lost his confidence slightly;his call again at night;
,bramha reddy busy;Singh;
cheng(madhya pradesh) news,
satish  and his suggestion 4 temples visit;
chandu Emu birds positive feed back;
call to chalapathi;rx janardhan;tpt jana;NRN;prasad vja;kishore;

(Things which needs improvement for the future finally ;
More advanced planning before the calls;
More organised talk; Hair Color;
temple dynamics; change on hand;
S M s activation;Good songs no mistakes;harathi gaikonuma;
Travel arrangement;get driks well in advance; ready with wishes slogans)

 .....purchase of Mango leaves had apreciaian for this act;
Un expected comment on shreya muggu;
3rd  helped GTA to place to place flowers and toranams at top door  this act was watched by others later.Neibours creavity seen mala placement;

songs effect at home of Devi(ammavaru) increased energy levels with songs here;
;chicken purchase;Veg ladies watched us;Seen Gorintaku at gtas hands;
,wished sanjay stationary guy;purchased new pen; tried for SMS holiday no shops were there;
 dhothi old one initially ;(lot of interaction with GTA about this whole day we felt with enrgy talk at home;thilakam effect;.Nartanashala song and movie good number of actors songs and dialogues;is real bonus for the day(gtas dynamics)
mano vancha phala siddi rasthu;
(Narsimaha rao;asked help 4 flowers;his new dress;final wish and hug and suggestion)
(Gta at home; TV ;food;bottu;to gether dynamism;dress comments;pada seva;9th shopping with GTA for puja things; Coffee)
Shake hand with narender;
Deepa;girls interaction; wish to shravani
5th Owner auntys wishes;
devi song and interaction about this GTA;
 New dress dynamics plus Kanduvaa for a rajini gandha;
,pan guys over whelming responce for dress;
new guy for Chicken;Land line Dynamics followed later out side;
;Harathi gaikonuma;need to be more careful songs please;

(Gare(vada) effect;
,pulihora; ;payasam;)activations of phone calls;
; my double indulgece is the biggest head ache count be stopped or controlled;
cash from bank;morning banana purchase;
Owners big Hug (failed right wish in confusion) watch of neibous of couples temples visit;
;had darshan of goddess near by narayana guda temple  2 guys intetacted with me there;leter another Durga idol seen nearby took pic;owners daughter and her daughter interaction;
;Known sastranga pranamam beggars plea;;then came the real trouble  long wait for bus leg pains ;
,had RTC X roads ganesh temple darshan rajus escort  and support had seen entire placement of Gods there; Met one old friend there;
Attended rajus home met his wife and daughter;
during the day many times i saved power at home;
 Syam called back again in night;
,some people were seen hugging each other at temple;
;noted shy of that Boy when tried to wish him;
;Some ones cycle puja;;few others dint lift my call;

Gta objection of Tv watching;


consolidate classifieds;on hand;check them on google;
Left over pic of Sonus mom;

23 October

Morning spent very long time in retrieving classifieds from 3 dailies later seen some of their entries in google new idea has emerged to feed them on face book and twitter;As usual Nrn dint respond so called singh in the evening;almost 30 plus dailies of local data organised at home need lot of time to scan data inside;

Shopping idea emerged so me and GTA purchased 1 new dress a nice one but too costly one;
Night by hearted that telugu sametha;Pics of Sonu shown to her parents and also they gave few more pics;
Night party at Satyas home long interaction had;


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