Saturday, September 22, 2012

today left over

last lap of ganesha near my home

Crackers work


annadanam,rtc x roads ganesha idol


galli 2

rtc xroads 


22nd saturday

jayram reddy called so met him we had Tea; Met satya had drinks again;neibour Narsampet paidaiah met took his pic;Success at HRC (RX)but had to wait for auto 4 long time;during met anumala Ravi sankar cell;9014908681

Morning Telugu words R& D work  did again;loaded few pics;

RX knowledge;going for hattrick of wins;b prakash heavy weight jockeys go good at high weight;

to concentrate on latest form;***Which horse is readily prepared now to identify;
Angelcrown missed;Spirit of mercy also missed;
backed Windsor qween aganst manage a trois; missed rosalind but gained new knowledge;
qween of venus after a failure who is ready?
srinivas kamala bawa

Narayanaguda ganesha

munagala jayaramireddy my friend

after the race satyanarayana old man met he confused me further;

narsampet paidaiah

morning seen good response from k fans for pics;


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