Saturday, August 25, 2012

25th august saturday post

Got up  early after a nice overnight sleep; Quickly sugar levles checked;satisfactory levels had still on high side;loaded pending pics from camera; later paid rent to Narsing rao;Quickly scanned 3 dailies plus some  pages of greatandhra ;Seen rx odds; no call from Chalapathi yet? Sridhar reddy called and said later it has prooved a big flop; That Lady Cobbler daughter  asked 4 help again; read leaflet of Roche;what are tri glicerides?

Small adjustments did in blog template; Can hear what neibours are takling;
Called Big B in the evening in front of team he re assured lets see what happens;
2 pockets of milk this time; Later journalists team came home had Tea and coffee;
This time 22 units poked inside again aruguments had here i must remember the dosage ;Had nice dosa but poor chutney to take care failed here ;
Yet another shock at RX not to miss same jrider of the past win in anyway;
Had Tripride after lunch;cash crunch after RX ; poor planning;
lancham;Still pain in that regeon;
not to sit near legs;? New knowledge; in the rain to HRC by AUTO NEW bargain Rate known;
Rain at HRC;Evening gave address of kukatpally office to team; ITS operateed  on Kiran now;
network;following;Lost temper at NRN after giving him the statement 4 cash on hand;


Told madhu when he came home;

25th aug

GTA at sleep 9 am 


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