Saturday, August 11, 2012

11th aug

Neibour trying to chat with opp lady; Sudden development for the day is Gudur sridhar reddy called and transfered amount;Onamalu review posted;
Days lessions at RX;
1. Agniban stromboli lession;(sparingly cared)
2.Aspapi confident win at low weight;
3.Scarlet vs Winston ;
4.incentio last time won with same jockey;
5.wings of glory failed this one saved; but to be very careful;(lucky saving)
6. P S chouhans misirable flop at Kolkata; empires win at kolkata(Wardhawans horse)
8.Raznandans win;
9.Silken dancer win to read rx card;

To be very careful to communicate any incident almost lost temper at GTA and knife on hand ;

thius pic took at Tankbund

Cobbler at work

Lodge durga bhawan vijayawada

Regipallu very tasty and very cheap on the roads usually available  from august month

Phalli on bandi 

Many make living in india just by selling palli ground nut on a small cart

Missed lunch;One swamy baba came bottu; owners son s rs 100/- effect;

Onamalu movie review

Narayana Rao (Rajendra Prasad) takes the flight back home without even informing his son who is too busy with his work in the US. The change that has taken place in the village, with the new generation pursuing its own goals, disturbs the former school teacher. Not that he himself wanted to go to New York, but his dying wife Rukmini (Kalyani) pleads with him that he should go and live with their son abroad.

Director Kranthi Madhav who makes his debut with the film, weaves the entire story around Narayana Rao to take a dig at changes that have taken place in the society. There's not just one message, but a whole lot of them that the director wants to give. And this is not in SMS form.
In one of the scenes at a hotel, Narayana Rao is aghast to see how the mobile phone is being used by people to communicate even though they could be standing just behind their back and walking from right in front of them.

One of the most tragic things he witnesses is when he finds a woman, whom he once regarded as his sister, has been sent away to an old age home by her wealthy son who thinks it would not be appropriate for her to be in his house because of the cultural changes in society. A deeply moved Narayana Rao brings her back to her own house. The message: don't neglect your parents.

Narayana Rao even cannot understand why one should buy mineral water at all in the village, as he believes potable water will have to be supplied in a country which has many rivers. A student of Narayana Rao gets electrocuted when he goes into the fields in the night to switch on the motor. That is something he cannot comprehend and wonders why farmers cannot get electricity for 24 hours.
The movie may not be entertaining, but those looking at things from Narayana Rao's perspective will agree with all that he is upset about.
Rajendra Prasad excels in his role. For all those in Silicon Valley and everywhere else, the call is to come back to their roots and meet with their dear ones every year on October 2, which should be celebrated as `Mathru bhoomi dinothsavam'. Over to you.


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