Tuesday, July 24, 2012

24 th july post sro serilingam pally jurisdiction

Some kind of uneasy in the morning; called nrn,Gta,gave cheque to NRN and settled amounts;gave cylynder to hostel guy no money from him; kiran and kishore met new chance emerged for TV;edited leter again with NRN and Madhu thanks help of sadgun guy; lalith posted pics on FB seen all of therm also of Connie;power problems had to be faced at cyber cafe no prints i gave my land number and iam the president now;camera is ok finally afetr meeting srinivasa studio  guy;

searched for olympus waranty card at home but in vain;software of olympus instlaaed on computer only faces were there;RX book hyderabad purchased; sudden heavy hunger pangs at after noon managed with Alu samosa dhai vada; second day no field work and income; seen most of TV coverage at night;
Night call from Raju for some work rejected; repair work fetches; NRN suddenly changed his mind why did i ask? to be more careful;

Morning checked all bangalore books for second runs soem hints had  of life later seen some bangalore sunday rx  vedeos;


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