Monday, July 23, 2012

22nd sunday courage in red day

Gta was upset whole day finally she got ok prepared food etc;At rX new point is  those who have failed at cramped odds have to win again and gain confidence of connections;courage in red and in the spot light have won for the day money needed here; track eagles blog seen his daysbest dancerella won;  golimasters days best missed on objection but place is ok;
Aagain to memebrs enclosure dynamics seen; gudur sridhar reddy called at morning; chalapthi missed to back adelric at 5 's ;final countdown story anyway sucessful that fall story haunting again mystical it is really; felt tired after long standing; nice enjoyment with chalapathi at  Madhaushala finally;

Double promos have to be checked again Klipsinger; Won full JP; good drinks at madhushala;
tried to go to eega movie but failed;

23 rd july;monday;
Unable to wake up in the morning due to heavy intake of overnite ;
camera gadget got repaied but still some problem there some funny sound need to be checked again; called GTa; seenaiah; kamalakar chated; finally to eega movie at shanti theatre; no link from fly;very interesting dual noted;
Owners request couldnt be solved for the day yet ok;
Repeated calls from NRN:royal stag is really very soft;
yes yes;
call from chalapathi ;
pressing guy old man asked whats wrong;


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