Tuesday, July 17, 2012

17th july post

Took new stickers then to field work;waited lot at ameer pet but closed one entry thanks to initiation also did few more calls there;seen NCC finally new hope many new areas and hopeful of steel dealers see on the way to madhapur; Met chattis garh people; work with team is succesful again;

ramesh at Rtc x roads closed with 100 crore public money seen news at etv informed immediately to NRN; new areas from erragadda got exposed with nrn and other guy;
;something positive there;during the wait closed one listing of plywoods at mytri vanam;took few pics also there;
Find out whats this fruit but very costly isnt it?

Guys display was nice so i took this pic from Erragadda

kuchutopi; stickers kept at 3 places also did 5 calls and reminded them;
My scooter performance was very gallant for the day; Some snake byte story; last years contributions from same offices seems to be fetching;

After work while returning home it rained heavily i waited very long time below country club bridge it rained for long time so i took shelter near by bar; Deputed GTa at home to buy needed thigs;

david billa movie review story,synopsys

This is a prequel of popular hit film Billa. That means, it is the prior story of the turn over as Billa. The movie is a show of Ajith Kumar, who rocks the screens with stylish looks and performance.

A Sri Lankan refugee, David Billa (Ajith), decides to revolt against the authorities, as they ill-treat other refugees in the camp. All refugees turn his followers and he becomes the leader of that gang and slowly starts to climb the crime ladder with his own knowledge. One day, Abbasi (Sudhanshu Pandey) comes in contact with him and he starts working for him. Soon he gets an unexpected rise and Billa's boss gives him many chances to show his intelligence and courageous strength. Things go wrong, when he faces problem with Dimitri (Vidyut Jamal), an arms dealer. What happens next will form the crux of the story.

Remarks: Watch the film for grand visuals and interesting locations. Songs and item numbers give you relief. Action scenes are enjoyable. However, the commercial success aspect is doubtful.


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