Friday, July 13, 2012

13 th july post

Called chalapathi his trip failed; Lot of interaction at home;field work fetched again;days ids;fbbonline; Old friend Satyanarayana met on road; his cell; 9703316463;pics loaded to twitter;mailed great andhra; nrn byke problem;

12 th july

After nights party at NRNs home got up and quickly took auto bus and again bus reached home safely;quickly loaded leftover pics;Joined field work with NRN success again;purchased TV after few triffles at office;Enjoyed new Tv effects at night;Uploaded few more pics to blog;
At wait during the afternoon edited letter again with the help of Guy at sadgun letter looked even more good this time;Evenih wait and commitment failed again;greatandhra weekly magazyne seen and purchased it also seen indiatoday weekly;
In my absense neibours headache again?;Seenaiahs call; days new ids;rentokit;challahospital;


satya narayana
Night munchings brought by Gta were nice crispy;wished Sneha enroute; NRN gave one new idea of loading leading press ads to check this idea;


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