Friday, June 29, 2012

29th june post friday!

lot of remembernces from the morning  of gTa s cry; !Foul of narsing rao avoided of the draianage clearing cost; organised blog further more at  nerar more store;slow net at  sadgun noted dint pay them; notice of dropping Suguna working maid at morning  what about my dress wash now ?need planning;successfully got amount of nutsnspices transfered them pwd but under pressure due to  slow net timing;surprising assurance from NRN;
called NRN at morning did few calls later gave him prints ;2 positives had for monday;naidu;
designed new letter with my own work took color & Black & white prints outs good logo etc;
gave chengaiahs cards also to Cards (to name out);

Rina came and said abt her birth day tommorow;
some of the old entries organised at blog again thanks to google pics saved;

Read d C at morning;
Gta said she is leaving to ATP;

Tom Plan;>>>>>

***(Get visting cards; pay them ;left over
rx selections;Chalapathi;days betting; Tpt labling work;
Hindu choices;
New Ids; Nrn)

28th june 2012 post

Met Nrn with his friend Sudhakar reddy took posession of office; Brought back Fm radio and Globe to home; attempt failed at kawadiguda SRO;
Gave editing work of visiting cards with Kirans help;
Disturbed at night with Gta cry; called;New bar at near old praga tools;missed lunch;

narsimha; got the number of Sankyo;
Ajay;he joined job;
called bujji;
kistaiah;Call from Chalapathi;
Called prasad had positive feedback;
Long call from Syam;
called Bujji;
>>> Days id; icafemanager; 14 737;
KA: 69 653;

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