Saturday, June 16, 2012

16th june post

Call from Satish recd;Chalapthis call also recd;Sridhar reddy call;posted  rx choices at blog;
Days best voltera failed but this one gave a strong point;after 2 runs just forget Amazonbay; second run of life is best;Mountain high;Whistlejacket;
Golden Viper Place missed;
Problem at home again;
Origina lvel 2 /9
The hindu 2/9
Ring fav 2/9

bangalore summer 9th day race horse selections

i have 3 bets today

race no 2; horse number 3.Amazon Bay suraj
race no no 14.Volterra p trevor
race no no 3.Slade Valley p trevor


15th june post

very late to field;Success at golkonda and rajendra nagar areas;Long chat by chalapthis at night;no call from kiran;evening rx book purchased;most at home and watched election results;insulin needles purchsed at night;frequent power cuts;Evening chat with neibourhood boy;


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