Monday, April 23, 2012

23 rd monday

 20th saturday; mostly at home entire day no work;attended rx;but looks like failure;chalapathis saved;some how;took prints of entire coastal andhra sros;paid narsing rao 2k;

22nd; chicken by gta at home;sunday rx at hrc my attempts falied;but choices to chalapathi 4 of them were successful;depression some how managed to prepare for trip;mostof mailes sent bounced back;

23 rd april;
reached vja;took durga hotel economic;heat troubled during travel;Chalapathis sir call inspired again;enquired shoes near ialapuram;asked fellow traveller to recommend for guys;called gta ;slept after noon lost work; purchased BP tablets and insulin needles;no adavnce to lodge?; some problem in loading insulin to body on train?;


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