Thursday, March 22, 2012

21st march post

Unable to decide as where to go so no field work day but mailers work improved;Shopping did with Gta at abids purchased dress for Ugaadi festival;Scorching heat continued suffered heat wave;prepared new mailer to sros again by Gta hand writing by evening;took prints;found new link by accident at google so the problem is almost solved;45 new added totalling to be 432;Had to again withdraw cash from bank money shortage continued tention again;Double indulgence couldnt be stopped and thus the expensive day due to half hazard planning;bar guys name known;Some pending pics posted to blog;Rx book purchased and read it;Pic of nalgonda guy managed to get scanned and posted;call from tirupathi shivanis;

Rinas mom asked for help so helped her;Night sleep disturbance continued;Sweating?;


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