Sunday, February 05, 2012

5th Feb derby day;post

Disturbance again by owners lady for money;Over night fear of not lifting phone calls haunted back;quickly solved them and started to prepare for the day;Lonelyness;Had overnight stuff for tiffen;Gta joined and prepared quick lunch;This time took JP ticket at musheerabad;satyanarayana met;Most of the day spent at home watching net Tv of racing;

days consolidations were after "inthe spot light" sixth in row win decided not to miss best performances;asked chalapthi to back cicoonella and he backed it;new confidence after it;i missed ciconella;imaran chisty silkcut win;Red baron;new point with sandesh and victorian march;

Morning eenadu read some article about videos;enjoyed much wtching Tv at night songs and dance and hindi dialogues and artists performance;

4 th feb

Whole day rx activity;Few new points learnt again;This is a connections game;c d hayes on supreme ministreal;daniel grant;shiven surendranath;days best;La unique my breeding knowledge saved the day;seen someone backing 50k on b.prakash elena;BIg mistake for the day is leaving Dancing glances;Sucessor race new point of looks;windsor manor couldnt do any thing;someones fight at tote;odds on elclassico? p.trevor ibis;zadmal singh; p.trevors double on purple patch;mk jadhav;zervan lost on amedeus;cent percent and suraj; f a abbas;amazing desire; a sandesh; sk sunderji; Seen most of the people and their betting style;Rush was mostly thin;p chuhans big upset win;hyderabad machiavanism strong backing;On the whole most of the punters would have lost;

kept quite at great warrior so saved loss;whole jan favrites won and lost analysed at night;unable to lift phones at night;only two ppl gta;Chalapathi rao thats all;
Morning some data posted of pending entries;r hughes vivala diva;antia;

derby day preparations did at night; again some kind of insecurity;Owners wife came again;Narsing rao took rs 100/-;liver fry to home;diary to home;felt tired much and retired;


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