Thursday, February 02, 2012

2nd Feb post

Managed shanthi medical guys to deliver medicine to homel also asked ration shop guys to supply water did this save my time?;last years work helped again at field;Took calender from begumpet it helped;After some time got tired and was hungry too; To keep buiscuits readily on hand;Dhobi gave dress;

Seen 2 more banglore seasons results at sadgun at evening system no 7 and videos of mayabazaar watched and enjoyed;Took few more prints again from sadgun of blog;Called gandhi, NRN at morning;bhawar s smilies;Good article in eenadu on twitter;expenses updated at office;Purchased bangalore rx book;Pasting work of wall poster coulnt progress for the day;Good analysis by gta at home on dressing etc CBCID rekky words discussion;

at lunch copra pachadi was tasty;at market few more cards collected;FEB is progressing well so far;Mecofol plus purchased new expenses;

Sticker idea has further evolved need to discuss with Kiran;No call from chalapathi?
Felt tired afetr coming to home from field GTAS massage helped;


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