Friday, October 21, 2011

21st post,22nd oct post;

Morning quickly managed tiffen etc then to town;some prints took at signin;they were helpful;work at renigunta did;ankama rao met;call from syam;sent gta to assist Jana;days ids; ijmprop;elitehospials;mahahospital;mixed sucess at renigunta;pending blogs posted;call from Ruchika;tweeted;read swathi;kistaiah called;

22nd oct post;
Night discussion with Ramoji about 3 d;at evening visited municipal park,kapilatheertham;iscon temples;pics took;jana called;alsovisited Govinda raja swamy temple;sridhars shop;gopis shop;had coffe at Bhimas met ravi;Doasa at home;complaint at home by Mom on kistaiah; Scooter got repaired;moring quickly closed 2 entries;Hotel guy amara met;New idea of key word capture;missed evening work;

20th oct post

                                     Syam mama subbarao

Reddy syams friend

                                          Idol supplier

morning recd gta and smoothly took room;surprisingly kanalakar met;later met syam good resposnse had;met jana;evening met ramoji family had much fun;managed blog posting;sudden vehicle failure;had lunch at bhimas;nice apreciation from obaiah;new fress effect;suneetha gift;nice had nice sleep after long time;ph to narsimha,yalamanda,ashwin(hes in hyd now)night shidted room;leg pads support had;


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