Thursday, October 20, 2011

19th oct post

                                                 chandra sekhar naidu

                                      Lemon At tirupati roads

Morning quickly met sahai,obaiah,sreedhar(signin)Suneetha reached home;Syams confession and insecurity;Asked gtato come to tpt;Managed income through dw;mats purchased for home;Syams sponcer of Lunch;Courier reached home of tablets;With Ramoji tried for room;again met syam mama took guidance;met niranjan but waste of attitude;seen munawwer;web cafe plan is fast merging;called chalapati;met naresh took his pic;ph of subra and anand saved;confidence gained after last month work analysis;days entries posted at near by syams cafe;meeram met;shamiana call;mayabazar;Obaiahs response was really great;called jaybal;gandhis calls was a real surprise;took anakama card;


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