Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poptoad - bakery shops in abids,chapel road Hyderabad

Poptoad - Hyderabad

5-9-171/3 Chapel Road Wallaee Street, Boston House, Hyderabad G.P.O, Hyderabad
Phone: (40) 66668858,66661312,
Category: Food & Dining, Burgers & Pizzas,sand witch,pastry;

Tags: Confectionery & Fast Food

19th sept post

Poor tiffen at home;even though very late to field surprisingly fetched 4 closings;few more cards;skipped after noon workout;morning seen one broture of rajkot companies for hardware;bags guys extra care;days work got further refined as when to call on jewellers;camera cells info known;huge potenciality of sec bad market got exposed;Days more development is good pictures of classic lights took later posted them to google;
During afternoon rest seen many top ranking web sites;

Evening work met news 9 editor and few more calls Fb boy met and youtbe linking known; hindi milap also carried good ads;idea of all pics posted to google needs to be posted on blog too;Night Insulin and tablets purchased; Night tv news were alarming;Stappling of cards work completed;
pvr cinemas site seen;


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