Saturday, September 17, 2011

sat day post;17 th sept post

Morning work contd at sec bad; success at rx not to miss 20/1 shots from now (someone says its 30/1 ohh;

16th sept post

morning organised visiting cards collected at home;very late to field;services of house maid noted;closed rnbowbaby shop entry;other pesticides shops met;
dance of richa and cie cram to her;wter and Onions arranged at home;
Later arrnaged insulin,Tea powder to home;insulin to gta;
Sat day;
ice cream to richa;
sat post;
17th sept;
mor work continued at sec bad area; one positive had;

not to miss 20/to one shots on rx to have sufficient cash on hand;(anyway had 16/one shot for only rs 40/-;and 7/1 to rs 80/- shot;


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