Sunday, August 21, 2011

sundays pics

sunday 21 st post

At rx governers cup attended;pics work continued; tobe careful about accident zones;
galatta for water and related tention;mohitfabs new id;optimushr,vanigroup; pending blog posted; camera picasa details noted;new cells to camera;again visiting cards filing work organised;

20th august post

Morning email collection work given to gta; by evening sent them emails;one automated response had from hotel sai;One enquiry from jayadurga furnishing came for social media seen their web site;Morning one closing did and took some pics of the shops;Morning felt uneasy;
again it rained and evening work got distubed;Xerox prints help was good;thirdeye videos seen;byasfoto email problem also noted;

Morning good coverage of dailies did;fb ids noted;

morning calls;
1.veerabhadra pics
3.koti pan
6.koti pan
7.mayur pan
8.ramakrishna pan shop
9.pearls shop
afternoon emailing work at home;pics posting etc;fan repair work

evening; tried for payments;
ambara sarees 9866676536
mohit 9989907788

nslinfratech 9581412782
rvnirmaan 9246500414
vlcc 9966521555 ; 9346118907
computek 9290660053
barbi 92461 50708
balajicompuetrs 9866777444
hometown 9390516364
fortunedevpers 9440010441
lotushomes 9246186547

fb/brandfactoryofficial 605
fb/centralandme 2732
fb/centralparkgurgoan 13


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