Tuesday, August 09, 2011

9th aug post

Morning survery at gandhi hospital area some mess address;Ramgopalpet police stn;ameerpet;SR nagar;jubileehills;SBI account work address work completed successfully; addhar card initiated receipt also got in the bargain gta got upset;

pics loaded to blog;
days market calls were;
2.ram kapil sharma; cine directory availability address known;
3.refilling point;
mail sent to mumbai client;

8th august post

Days improvements include net at home ready;Transfered amount to jana and told him;Total calld did at market analysys did at afternoon;Scooter is ready again;Friendship days msgs sent and response had from Chalapti,satyam;Job aoofer from Mumbai;vasu group seen;13 market calls fro the day;SBI bank work got activated;Kubera towers exposure had;Kiran met and told about Justdial matter;


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