Saturday, July 30, 2011

new cell phones to follow up

1.venkat prakash friend; 7396774191
2.magic bricks
3.naaptol 9223490000
4.adarsh mobiles Ram koti 9246536944
5.pavan 9032312255(kirans reference)
6.vasu mediacals; 9392494942
7.prthvicybertech; 9989766667
8.videocond2h 9082099999
9.sai vaishnavi ladies hostel narayanaguda 92461 78570
10.saivybhav ladies h 93469 91185 rental 8688718141
12.nagajuna economy coaching 9989104111
13.anreddy womens hostel(ashoknagar) 9160169478
14.shine ias 98499 79216
15.s s paying guest 95504408989 ???
16.stevens academy 99669 55561
17.hostel 99850 69666
Mobile : 988544 0501

29th july post

got up quickly ant got ready very quickly; At 9.30 met vasu medical stores; vasu; 93924 94942 promising call; later met bhandari medicals took card; also met rajesh; bramari tried and another veg shop; later met sailajamineralsguy;
came back home quickly had tea; met anand electricals;mahamadia electricals; KP jewellery;krishna mohan;janata digitals;camera world;lakshmi digitals booked;

Evening work; aditya opticians;imperial classic;sigma old client;seen RK; met camera gys road cutting etc noted;Taruni shop seen;met famous key;
afternoon 2 hours net stint; checked google listings of covered calls; fullhyd listing of balaji cosmetiue; deccan opticals site seen and blocked deccanopticals id; reliance cafes info known;paras video; yahoo locals etc;medisysindia id;msg sent to videocond2h;


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