Monday, July 25, 2011

24th july post

sunday barely managed things for home; missed net;bonalu day;hindus review of singham; bonalu hungama by neibours;teachers gadapa cleaning;

23 rd july

satya quickly joined me;along with him to field work after 10 minutes net surfing; covered 2 offices(vanasthali puram,hayat nagar) collected cards;One hope also got for future;read singham review in 2 dailies read;called ajay;heavy weight of bg and leg pains;long distance new area coverage;need of changing sim;

BIg rush seen at madhusala shop;

22nd july post

Expectations of gta known at home;Telangana bundh day;had poor idli vada;scanned all dilies;evening to singham movie activated very confidently;amrins msg to cell;posted blogs;2 more ids;


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