Saturday, July 02, 2011

2nd july saturday blog

my scooter

morning headache starts as Gta wont wakeup till 8am; i checked my mail box seen thulasi email with new address;soon after going out quickly took flick of days muggu(kolam,rangoli)and added another one to collection of my blog;

later purchased rx book on return tried to take milk vendor boys pic but failed;but later garbage collector pic took successfully; asked him whats his income,He says with this job he makes rs 5000/- a month but he need to take all the dirty with him and stink ohh god looks bit difficult thing;

                                                            Garbage collecting guy

some one with traditional dress and Bottu was asking for help at doorstep i helped him and i took his pic too i know my blog is becoming more colorful now with more pics;

                                                             This guy asking for help

after paper reading daily one lady comes with green leaves selling with butta on her head only green leaves;its really surprising as how they make living by selling small things but to live in this world we need to do something or the other to make living;

green leaves selling lady

my scooter number pic; there were lot of ads in eenadu and the hindu;

attended orbit interview and passed through 3 stages and known abt their company;thulasi reply got;lot of support had at home;satya met;narendra call and further details;thehelkatimes 2 tweets were spidered;Fb uses read;followup of that network company did;thehelkatimes web site also seen;

1st july post afternoon

Lot of discussions and arguments at home boring listening; Social Media content to send as flyer made it more crisp; replied to thulasi email; some call for job by a lady;email also for job; most of indian breeding and stud farms info read at indian stud book portal; few more ids also got into fold;

Afternoon owner came took rs 100/- but his commitment failed;emailed 2 four companies for twitter ids;Morning rat smell;keywords of softpal read for one page;some of Fb ids seen;

days new flash is first get name then people can come for ads like google,eenadu,Tv9. days drinks marginally reduced; but frustation have mounted further; 2 of the muggu blogs added to my blog;stats checked;

ban on polythin bags began;used home net to advantage today;morning alexa top sites seen;golimasters blog seen again;


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