Sunday, June 19, 2011

june 17th,18th posts

17th June post:

Gta was not present at home;Kiran came to home;Satya met at after noon;night popcorn fry had but

missed lunch and dinner;heavy hunger pangs at night; night insulin and tablets missed very bad;

18th JUne post;

Satya came and we went to indiara park and discussed future strategy;Gta retuened home;Night Stya

called;missed news papers and net for the day; missed RX;Prasad vja called;Neibour Reddt gave

marriage card;26-6-2011;Lakkam Chena reddy;(babay nishita Reddy)TTD kalyana manadapam;nandi

kottukur;(chaitanya; Bride) Had sleep at afternoon;Gta brought good glasses;richas wish; All the

medication had for the day;


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