Saturday, April 16, 2011

15th april post

Bouncer from Narendra had to be faced;Prakash call was surprise and met him surprising things known also met Kiran and quickr respsonse noted;$ dailies scan for the day and 3 new ids for the day ie;vrllogistics,genisismobiles,thehalkatimes; bouncer from k fan also triggered;

night biryani and leg pains drinks; contributed dress press,water,electric bill vegitables 4 home; remylyn tabs purchased and ampiclox 4 gta; surprising news my marriage news from seenaiah and called antima theerpu prasad; surprising rain at after noon;
Lot of interaction from field right from news paper vendor;siasat no 1 for urdu;presentation of Rmireddy news read;free web site news On Dc;
good assurance from Gta was welcome;


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