Thursday, April 14, 2011

14th april post

Holiday agaian morning to tank bund area to find that web address new road seen glasses needed on Scooter bundobust of police press coverage seen;
Met Keshava at after noon but hope failed info noted; Narendra book released; Latest flash is to become a tweeter for health-care company they seem to have good sales; lost temper at gta on non dryig and utensils and cleaning this one need to be checked; bouncer at abids A 2 z; rest at image graphics(Rafi new guy Minus 5 eye glass power recent expenses analysed; seen dates of Mumbai RX @ net; Days id; zeecabs; hand wash soap and phynyl purchased at morning; blog posted and tweeted;ka fans; 25 563; recent expenses analysed at shakeel shop; dailies info noted hyderabad mirror info; arranged Dental pain killer to GTa; GTA tea dust problem; Had NUts at after noon; old classics at Youtube; very caring pedicare by GTa; forgot tablets at night;Narendra MLm pressure;

Evening managed net surfing and seen old songs mazaa had but energy levels failed felt hungry even after nights dinner; day enjoyed writing of new pen;Insecurity again on income?; Death news of actor ankusam Ramireddy;

13th april post

days irritations;
------------------- keys; 2.silence at night by Gta;3.Bill books tearing Up; 3.Inspector Rto;4.going alone to municipal guy and Rajendra nagar pressure; 5. Tea lady on return;
6.speeding byke;7.late service at Dhaba 8.heat and travel; 9.long jouney; 1o.Lambada ladies voice 11. ads in tv 12.kajals fan irritation;13.arguments at morning; milk at night;15 tung problem;16.neibour boys menace;

good exposure and money with narendra; t20fever fans were amazing;Complangirl wish; Hundi and Kuja purchased; how they are presenting news;
days ids; stepsanddance;vbstravels;buynwin;aachimasala; grtjewels idea; took back scooter; refil change;


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