Tuesday, March 15, 2011

14th march post

Lot of calaculations about life did at room;after morning net took new leaflets from printer nice wish by him noted;days ids were kinghornbakers,drchainanyas seen google map while surfing posted blogs and tweeted;dress got washed and also gave 4 prsssing;mailed thulasi and msgs connie;2 hours net session;money has futher gone out of hands; ajays continued absense?purchased 2 pants from kumar shirts and also had tea at abids grand;night to movie 2001 new pont is covering;mailed to india profile;Video of srinath watched big money is needed;

Tweeted 4 marsbeauty;left over upma eaten by gta;satish call;deep analysis on arguments did;aromas call;gta very late to home and related arguments;


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