Monday, March 07, 2011

5th ,6th march posts

blog posted tweeted; tablets purchased;new key prepared for gta;belt hole work completed;Owner further mixed up;managed to scan images of ajy;odds checked;still tention levls were renaining;poor keys problem at new cafe; water complaint by neibouhood lady is new shock;finally recd ajys call;bouncer from kiran; night sleep problems prevailed;call from mars again;pulka by neibours at night;bisleri water rs 35/.

6th march post;invitation day;

Dream of becoming a web consultant;morning poor upma; called akka and had chat with mama bujji dughters info; head pain attacks have continued throught the day;sleep distubance again triggered over night;chicken purchased and dirty near by places;mostly at home;missed invitation rx day; dailies scanned; gta wash help;bet won at last;enjoyed cricket; afternoon sleep; massage had; veg bag purchased;some arguments at home; alcho limit crossed again;missed the net;


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