Thursday, February 17, 2011

17th feb post

morning head ache statrted as some repair work undergone at roomwelding etc;new name hope from twitter ietweet;ads have been stopped; GTa responded; to rx and success;enjoyed brundavam song again;water arranged;ajay called;
calls from drbatras;and homeo were interesting;boredom continued and insecurity; social network clippings seen on computer;world cup inaguration and brain adams;

Call from laxmi,msg from hny were big surprise;days id is ppmindia;dint attend call from sym;problem in assembly seen;insecurity;good trafic more than 500 pages reveies;morning had upma dosa;ahys contribution posted;someone sent msg to cell on rx choice;night distubed sleep but one point emerged as how to make use of twitter;


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