Monday, February 14, 2011 traffic ranks

1 84,69 196

14 th feb post seo

Days decicion after watching windsormanor is new turn;
sent msg and got reply from gta; ad placment is quite good but not much of the response;recd ajays call hanumakonda is a big flop; all dailies acanned; blog and tweets posted; cafe was closed so hunted for new cafe;felt wery weak and tired due to over dose;
Prakash came to room surprisingly.days ids were;hyd2goa,rkmarble;drashoks,ankitpackers,good content read on seo;yahoo locals submission did for lekhari;add this button;12 ids paper ads cutting on hand;labelle;vlcc sites seen;realtor and styanandam calls recd;some work did for twitter projects;answer to facebook got;aroma and mars entries are not getting spideredpoints known;

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13 th feb post

Most boring sunday without any plan;sankyos call and rama chandra calls recd;all dailies scanned;google,facebook,youtube were 1,2,3 in alexa; winsor maner missed; had chicken biryani at astoria; days ids were themandir,dikshaschool,starhospitals;toyatatrust; lekhari had 184 84 975 rank; google keyword R&D did;alexa top 500 sites seen again;mrftyres;grtjewels;


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