Thursday, December 09, 2010

9th december post

Morning brought water to room but felt tiresome;Only Eenadu read; southindia shopping mall and rk grand shopping mkall;although night dinner is missed friut juice saved thanks to Gta: Entire day had tention but finally releived it with funding; also had assurance of laptop soon;called satish and told abt funding;syams call recd;most of the spent time in organising important people data;evening honey details known she vacated her hostel; office situation known;sudden request from laxmi at evening ok; pen refil got replaced by shiva;surprising satyam wished me; removed tags at blog;not used way2sms;days ideas; last 3 years blogs seen; 3 more new girls at office; for funders ad yes nod got from SRN;as i told gTA she has taken lot of attachment and thats irksome; Night TV mamamia show;Laxmis 200 funding?

Flashes:if i have mobility and a employee(or team) and own developer; and continued ads how could it be? and finance to rx eating?

ad for funding got ok nod: domain hosting|data mining|ad posting|e commerce|social media|ad prsentataion: data entry|

8th december post

Some hero and others came 2 office at morning; some other recruited lady occupied computer; important people file consolidated further; laxmis pressure for my health noted; naveen was absent; night srn gave final promise for byke; most of the day took rest;night Rmojis bad msg; asked laxmi to continue cell phone collection work; had lunch with srn but intake was poor; night again missed dinner but fruit juice saved;shiva massaged me; couldnt save the consolidated post;


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