Sunday, November 28, 2010

28th october sundays post

presssure by prakash to attend fuction;insecurity protocalls began by srn need to be checked;messsges began with gta; found very difficulty to go to office due to tired ness;no banian shirt;raju called at morning;posted blog and tweetetd 4 k;
rich haul for the day of ids to 7 ids;acmeeexports,polohardware,crystalhandle,firedoorsehgal,indobrass,sheellocks,swasaa;
new shirt and glasses for the day;more city exposed again; more confidence from gta too; escorting also did;gujarish movie plan;sankyos followup and ramojis also in line;honeys absense triggered; further more consolidated way2sms;

27th saturday post

morning at room identified around 50 important people names; had chai with raju at astoria and called ajay rajus condition looked more pathetic as he was shivering; going to rx with rajus escort proved wrong decicion 4 the day; met sankar at rx; major development of the day is received firm registration documents at office; had discussion with prakash; morning kiran called and had nice discussion; staff recruitment discussion and ad content written and left to rx; count concentrate at rx; missed office presence at evening; slight disturabce with gta messages; ajay and satish calls at night; received watch;disturbance at room due to some repair; Morning recd msges from honey; days ids were anicalls;harshaautu


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