Saturday, October 09, 2010

8th october post

87th day heading 4 unbroken record; morning all news papers scanned new tip from the news papers is; follwus on:... magadheera awards info; sribalajivideo info darling movie; how many branches each retailer has in hy and else where; padmavathi shopping mall is new entrant;; flash idea of the is who is encouraging net from the begining like:mebaz guys;many developments happend today too; first i started field calls and had first hand information; solace is sales guys have responded; with surendras byke visited av college; morning problem of seat with satyam and a small hickup by surendra; nights funding had of rs 200/-.
lakshmi continued her work of addresses;
Field calls include 1.neerus ali bhai;2.kalanjali.3.sheelas;4.spear mint choice; jeweller met;8.chermas; phone calls were; syam;9;ethames; 10.sheetal; 12.aditi electronics;survey near birla mandir;
brief rest at after noon; and managed wash;
days ids include; jpopticals;2.rsjewellery;lasalamsa;
unexpected things include;aunty affair;pen of padmaja; surendra wall sticker was very good and i have similar idea for social media;


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