Sunday, September 19, 2010

18th september post

saturday;Evening kiran met and took me to his home and laptop camera etc known some other guidance had from him to have different office;laxmi got hurt to be careful on dialogues AND TURN OF THE DAYS?; Office improvements continued to go up with A/C got fitted look seems to have further improved; Satish and Sastry met; another new tele caller joined; i detailed about Social media; posted blog from new system;
lakshmi dint do the target for me today! afternoon rest took at lodge had to return to office on satish call lakshmans drop by his byke;
Need to relaunch my news paper vetuku here; 2 new rx books purchased of sunday; again cash levels problem; had lunch with surendra and lakshman; CALLED SYAM;MANAGED TO BE IN OFFICE till evening;improved to post blog with some content;
swatis husband to office?;

sastrys involvement in me and his knowledge on loans?
reddys foundations guy came in and said will come on monday;


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