Monday, September 06, 2010

3rd september post

Syam came to hyderabad and with him delivered 3 frames to aruna madams office;Receptionist appointed at office by laxman;Printing works initiated with dtp people;Called chengaiah at syams lodge;Gopals call;Disturbance began with confusion with regard to recruiting people at office; Quite unexpected way evening mail from gateforum people and quick settlement of check from them was under tense and finally closed the deal;Evening kiran met room search work did and fianlly Satish met and had long chat with him;

4th september saturday post;
Initially edited final proof of work at dtp then attened office and left to syam from there to Aruna office and met her; afternoon to chandanagar by auto met reddy and sold them 7 pieces and also got one 6 frame good sales day;
In the settlements expectation failed and total absence from attending oofice for the second day;managed to send the cheque 4 collection through laxman; Pune Rx missed; new area exposure had; day is allover by return and lest syam came back;belt purchased;

5 th sept post;
sunday 2 rx books on hand; students disturbance and police bundobast; jana called; Kamalakar called ;Rk in touch;syam also in touch;Success at rx; paid rs 1000/- to lodge; lunch missed and night poor intake of food;Ramoji called;lost temper at nail cutter shop;mallya 35/100 mount failed;sankar met;


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