Thursday, September 02, 2010

1st september post

Lot of time spent on twitter highest 2000 list; As a result of ad in Eenadu calles came in and 2 people selected for web design and programming;By evening Email sent to Surendra about office stationary need; Raju met on road and subsiquent menace noted;called Satish and syam;Pen drive work known; linkedin,youtube,flickr are also social media tools;hickups with rk;More chat with jana;seperate chamber is must;office boy joined; Evening printing discussion did;tweeted 4 meena jewellers;excelmovies is new id for the day;thoughts of capturing entire andhara pradesh for veduku;
BY evening laxman exposed about his insecurity;Room work got into action and laxmans involvement;lodge advance paid;
More dosage at night;good shirt effect noticed;by night Rk left;

indian twitter list;

sashitharoor 310
iamsrk 385
priyanka 391
sachin 395
srbachan 587
ihritik 589
salaman 603
shahidkapoor 708
arrahman 957
bdutt 1094
akshaykumar 1214
shilpashetty 1276
mallya 1306


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