Tuesday, May 04, 2010

4 th may post

rmzcorp at twitter into fold(received cash from bliss after a wait,again 85 new fans added to k,chengaiahs call,(sgrbuilders@gmail.com raghunathreddy)called prof; c.bhaskar: 098400 85741 dr babu 80083 62168 ref he is visiting chennai.
kajal is placed 8 th at google thats new inspiration.afternoon seen 100 ids of (twi )with a link;caterer said ok for next day;mamas pressure for commission to be claimed syams doubt on his balance sheet??.Gopals print took.last 4 months progress seen at morning workout.met munawwer lot of new things known.blog posted.2 pending entries also posted.lufthansa; 1907.herorams web site seen.edited pic of k with cybercafes girl.
seen jewellers address at bazaar street.

Some pages at NT edited further.afternoon curd rice:managed wash and pressing.
bad temperment on imagination??
edited k pic at profile:

3rd may post

Quite disappointed with twitter responce for ids.Hard pressed so had to work at field again.Got ok Nod from koundinya,and tried with Can.@of small entries were successful.mail from full hyd guy for FB id.Night discussion with doctor.Surprising chegaiahs call.Night went to hotelbliss for booking.5th day for veduku banner at fullhyd.niranjan met at syams shop hicup again.afternoon free lunch.initially bliss postponement.enquiry call for nellore florist.
Syams suport for the day is encouraging.managed to post blog and prints took.@ tweets for k.Tried one caterer.Night power falure story at cafe and at balaji.2 times disturbance of net??.Pain in stomach area?.


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