Tuesday, April 06, 2010

5 th april post

Monday: Morning during meditation time strage looks by some one disturbing again but kept cool.Found much time to loacate a barbar and finally had hair cut and color after this very positive comments had throught the day.40 k withdrawn and gave to mom.Unable to speedup the works for the day.Pressure had from mama for not attending the shop on sunday.
Flicke further developed today with lot of known pics.Vedeo of as how american president gets elected seen with another dead ones with non cooperation from khader at relaince.Failed to followup landmark ids followup totally.Lunch foe became friendly again.(reddeppa).
New refil and paste managed to buy.Cyber cafe guys positive comment.Met Subra at syams shop.Dangerous levels cash balances on hand aproaching very faster.Call from Chengaiah.

(Recent disturbances analysed::
problem at idli,kamalakar,niranjan,jana,strange looks,thulasi complain,mama s pressure,Summer heat,Azeez pressure,Univercell suspemsion,neibour,Rx failure,Rx jana,Chengaiah,mams head ache,Songs of cell from others,arthrities problem,Ramojis affair,dangerous cash levels again,meram,jatbal,thulasi,hdfc,shilparathnams no reply,bag,Shoe,scooters menace,eye glass,hair color,pressure to gollapalli)


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