Thursday, March 18, 2010

18th march post

from chennai to nellore quite unexpectedly:boring journey 4 hours:almost activated 25 contacts by over phone:SMS calculations by Bhawar.Azeez new menace.bhawars follow up.syams and chengaiah calls. met seenaiah.

while coming back from chennai: chennaigateway:dress problem further enhanced:met inr:called giri reddy seenaiah support noted.

left kamalakar:had lunch at hotel:new pen and refil purchased:inr met:cell charging at seenaiah place:to reg office earliar contacts helped:

suffered with bad drinks at chennai:

people called:
2.syam mama
5.bramha reddy
6.dtp satish
8.rx jana
10.jana new
16.giridhar vinjamur
18.lic sudha
21.ajay dw

Chat with gandhi at eve:Live:

mohan gandhi: i hae a couple of lakhs and 2 lakhs insurance paid, and one lakh in investments like shares and all and aroun 25 to 30 000 a month average iam earning ramana
mohan gandhi: great goals r ok but practically we could not earn big amounts, so, now iam concentrating on what iam doing and decided not to invest in new ventures and lose them, instead i will be selling my own brands these are the new year decisions raana what about u
mohan gandhi: onlything is that now i have the direct capacity to get around 10 to 20 lakhs ofamount if needed, such real circle social network in ur words, i build ramana her at Hyd

mohan gandhi: tht is true he is expecting me to go to him and waste my very valuable time. jus now i sold 2 noni bottles making a profit of 950 rupees and two people again made a call asking for the same so another 900 i will lose now if i go for that cheating raskal

mohan gandhi: otherwise i cant bear that rogue

mohan gandhi: no, ramana long back he is dropped from my lsit and iam not making any calls to him and only he is making calls ramana

mohan gandhi: cheting satyam has a very bad reputatioin in saakshi paper. recently i visited saakshi and 3 people in the offie told he is a collection master in the town by sahing he is from saakshi collecting funds in the public raman

17 th march post

As usual morning 1 hour workout at ttd ad buildings later joined kamalakar he asked join him to visa proces work to chennai so the total planning got changed.dhobis was missing.boarded bus to chennai during travel in bus echanged lot of plesantaries with kamal.his laptop exposure got.seen some posting of vilekhari.

After reaching chennai called narsimha he dint respond purchased rx book.went to Sotc office submitted papers lot information collected of trip came back to lodge and relaxed.seen bizlist yellow pages directory collected some ids.

Marenkate id retrieved barrack obamas book Syams call and chengaiah missed call at late night dint tell about my travel to chennai may cause some headache need to be taken care.
night sleep disturbed due to over cool.can we sell art in europe??Syams surats visit plan??

this is my first post from a laptop!


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