Monday, March 15, 2010

13 th,14 th 15 th march posts!

At last relief got after supply of idols to thulasi and total payments got.further closeness with Thulasis husband and pressed him for more sales.Panic and confusion released after thulasi calling back to meet them at home.Strong attachment their baby girl to her had seen.Expences were un controlable managed 2 people and it was very late night to reach back to lodge.Exposure of travelling late night on train and auto travel from central to Tambaram.Heavy rush at rly station and lot of standing noted despite planning.I was uneasy whole day.Team effort was good.Now its very good sail back again in life i must quicken from now.Naresh help was fuether good.Unrest of Syams expectation.yet poor planning of the day.
Web guys call menace.Need to plan again selling of idols at Chennai and try for twitter promos.

Manged to post blog in the afternoon rest and took printout.Cafe girl was caughing heavily.More details about chengaiah known during the travel.fullest potenciality of team couldnt be utilysed.purchased Swati weekly.HP web site seen.their twitter id also known.during the travel energy levels failed.called rx jana and his sons us travel info known.

14 march post:
sunday quickly calculated settled naresh and Syams money helped naresh to board train. Expenses were unbearable money was going out of hands so quickly.Wanted to activate rx team at chennai again as chance came to stay in chennai.called narsimha he called back gain.during the travel to guindy missed one accident luckly indiblogger guy called and his interest known.long wait at shop.met few people at 7 pm boarded bus again reached back tirupati by 10.30 night.had to open lock.couldnt eat biriyani packed this is another loss for the day.pressure at wine shop to close faster as it was already late.Overall Chennai trip is successful with lof of interestinng things.But carring weight problems suffered with related stain bus ladies head ache had to be faced.

met shesha reddy,srinivasul reddy janardhan(who could catch good winner at 5' book maker visiting card given to him.

15th march post:
Morning felt very much tired.Met Syams mama and gave back laminations.pressure had to faced for something to is still going out of hands very faster totally unable to control with lot of unexpected expenses.

i need to find quick solution.relased silver chain from marvadi shop.given byke for seat repair.Prabhakaran has shown lot of interest.discussion with prabhakaran and chengaiah and bourough id twitter enquiry.had lunch with them averted unnessisary session.this is how the time is running out.activated reliance with rs 100/- net again after a long break.avatar youtube movies seen and got exposed to english earth seen at cafe.reson behind ramojis upset was known.Raghunath reddy met again.what really people expect was known by mama.
calloxi,stopiles reserved.edited some earliar blog postings.kamalkar was seen again.attended Munawwers call and new server seen.
flash of eenadus add script developed.


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