Saturday, February 27, 2010

26th Feb post

Hectic activity again. Morning situps and 3 news papers managed to read.Agitation of TTD employees seen at ttd buildings.New knowledge through dailies is 50 crore cell users in India and second largest cell phone users in the world information.Lot of new Knoledge gained through twtter cubermaniac.New word is PRACTICE for 2 years and you will get good kdslayer blog again for the day at home.Morning did 3 field calls Kidswear lady shown lot of interest,Beauty parlour lady(2000 info) and drugs office Pandu: 94401-83013.My SUCCESS with phone followups written seperately.

Pending emails data info and email got from vaartha year book.Idols email further edited.Jana met at ttd buildings.
No responce from 36 emails to twitter is disaapointing but i still need to work hard follow further on them.Emails of gifts and twitter prints took.News papers kept aside thats the biggest pending task finished.Time is runningout swiftly iam still unable to control my time need to read some tips on time management.
Hostel entry posted for tirupati yellowpages Next task to sail past is to buy good slippers to work at field without inhibition.seen ads on hand again.water kept and given cloth for pressing.Read my own blog again.

During evening field work met one cooler guy seen one new interesting waterfountain.
For the day 2 new ids again got ie kalyanresidency and cksons and seen kalyanresidency web site.Srichainya id missed.Old tirupati entries print took.

Inflated outburts(my exitements) with Syam and web guy nneds to be controlled.Apolozised to twitters for spamming.reading of my blog should be uselful to my blog users from now in the way i need to think and write soon hope i will achive it.Few more people added to my veduku twitter id today and tweets continued.Syams shop attended twice.


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