Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16 th feb post

Morning spent around 1 hour at ttd ground with Lungi this time had satisfaction.Read okhornplease at hindu news paper.

Morning work at field got compromised due to letter pad work but experience got out of it.anyway fresh mailer is ready now on hand.paid dhobi.has hair cutting Ie another improvement.rage_mobiles at twitter blocked.

days phone calls: empower english centre,chipset,kalahasti,hostel.sukra marriages.

met syams mama(his support seen) syams sisters came to Shop.No lunch at home but Mom enquired thanks.Tick click closed and 400/- got.Blogs posted and prints took.One ecoms enquiry had from someone.Ads cam did at syams shop.Costly lunch but no satisfaction.

morning after lot of waiting got print of letter from Chandu but he prised it big i typed him script and also helped him out of spelling.kamlakars absence continued.
Evening murali web guy called me and met him and lot of discussions follwed pricing is important noted.( banner now can be marketed to block important ids.)Contact Multimedia institutes etc.Heat has progresed furtherin feb now.At M R pali traffic penalty problems noted had tea.Flshes include to write well before addresses of clients and and also target them pricing.SVS hospital offer letter given also visitin card took.some allergy after hair cut.

water arranged at home rs 25/-.more standing at chandus shop and Web guys discussion.

days flash: if closed correctly one twitter id is enough for year.Writing skech is always helpful on first page of note book.

days flashes include: be the first one to post entry on web then ask them.

15th feb post

Some kind of uneasy throught the day plans for the day have failed.Disturbance at home and with kamlakar.Some how attended Syams shop.disfferences between mama and niran also seems to be on mind.

Morning field work few biz cards collected.Evening work got one commitment from ladies hostel.tailors payment received.Byke is getting older needs immediate attention.for afternnon lunch had sangati and chicken.Morning petrol pump guy Guruvaiah.On byke felling disturbed with traffic.Left over syams emailes sent.Again read my own blog from 1 st jan.


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