Wednesday, January 27, 2010

26th jan post

Read total blog since 2008 and points noted.dates and events dates i joined krishna complex feb 2009,bangalore room till august 2009.Thulasis funding still a big surprise.march 2009 sekhars marriage.2009 elections year.feb 7 th problem with Syam.product port folio posted at web.jan 26 th syams fathers cerimony.2 k from munawwer on june.24 june veduku ready by janardhan.48 ways of power.

During the entire life analysis now twitter is good chance to day 2 bouncers had one from driver another from mercedes.leg band purchased at last a quality one this time.2 picles purchased managed wash.2 shirts from Gopal surprisingly.Seen Bhaskar rajus add and called him.
very latest success stories analysed.icubemobiles blocked again.balu twitter profile is with my pic made me happy.Recd Cosmetics payment.helped kmalakar twice.Neibour came from village.


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