Thursday, January 21, 2010

20th jan

Morning for un known reason got up late and things changed unable to manage total tasks for the day.Morning news paper gave new information about kadpa people journalism and effect of hug.paid dhobi dues and had enough tiffen.As time was passing out quickly avoided unnessisary things.Morning managed to do only half an hour work at temple pushed one party that bounced but act was watched by mama.Sun paharma guys and Udayan das gupta death news and off take of gifts at Sun pharma equation.That American guys met and discussed many issues(losangeles,reputation,satisfied customer, * tree and display hope at usa temple etc. KVB managers introduction.Reddemma introduction.Carpets at office.Morning field calls were lemontree his close attitude,vegitable shop,and photo studio and arun stills after brief work lost interest to work.
Failed to do justice to mom when shown tablets.At syam shop Subra property details known and his non cooperation for real estates venture known.

days triggers were surendra entry and my call to niranjan and 20% commition.Afternoon at signinn had complaint about kamalakar and entire december diary blog prints took and read all of them waiting at syams shop.Night snkyo murali called and had discussion for long time.Night sudden unexpected ly kamalakar met and had 2 disagreements and ruthlessly fired him as unable to baear with irritation and lost temper.eleted mercedes reply by mistake thats too painful.

19th january post

Gave cell to gopal expectation failed.Morning after attending syams office discussed with his Mama as what temples usually devottes visit discussed.Went to do some web calls a shift of strategy.Fired rcice guy and gave leaflet to Shine dental.After noon treied to visit renigunta area and got one payment.
Afetrnoon managed blog prints from 14 to 18 and analysed them.3 more new ids of twitter.
Evening continued efforts at Iscon temple and gained confidence and same levels re assured syam and got allowance.55 new points since jan 1 st analysed.Quickly prepared letter for web but it was not up to my satisfaction.for this day managed to get 300/- but soon its evaporated.Missed to tweet.


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